It’s been way too long since my last update.  My lovely wife and I have an awesome daughter who is now 4 years old.  We’ve all had our ups and downs, but life keeps trudging on.  As I remember one of my past bosses’ comments…it’s all good – life is good.  I’m sitting here listening to some calming Pandora music while my daughter is briefly distracted on her tablet and my wife is enjoying herself at a family baby shower.  Some quiet time to reflect on life past and present.  I was perusing online and fell upon my old blog here.  I thought maybe now would be time for a quick update and maybe, just maybe I can continue to write some more.  I need to find focus on a topic to write and maybe be encouraged to write more.

Tomorrow is the day our department is finally officially moving in into a new location.  I still can’t believe I’ll be at the college 11 years and with ITS for nearly 7.  I’m hoping the new found sunlight from all the windows inspires me to keep doing my best and accomplish my many goals at work.

As for life…it’s time to focus there too.  Many goals need to be set and begin – we’ve been sitting idle for too long.  I believe we can do anything when we put our minds together – we’ve done it many times before and I believe we can keep it up.

First I need to wrap up a few chores at home and maybe get some more silent time before bed…=)


New Direction

Ok, it has been a while since I posted to this blog. I don’t know if I had a real direction for it other than keeping track of my many solo road trips since college. I still don’t know whati want to do, but my wonderful new wife is taking on WordPress and blogging and really enjoying it, so I figured I should come back and work on my own.

It looks like my last posts we’re to wrap things up with the solo trips and post links to my Shutterfly accounts of the old trips and new traveling with Jessica. Since we have started dating, Jessica and I have traveled to Washington, DC and Lexington, VA to take part in a wedding of very good friends of ours. We have also met some new friends which has allowed us to also travel to Baltimore, MD and Hatfield, PA. and let’s not forget the Connecticut and Massachusetts trips to visit her family. I am thankful that Jessica also loves to travel like myself. Even though we enjoy the adventures, we are both fairly new to it and are both timid at times and generally have a great time (even after a few tiny arguments and stressful wrong turns).

For those who don’t know, Jessica and I have just gotten married a few months ago (April). We are enjoying the married life and are working out the details of the next few stages in our life together. I know – we will be continuously working on the details.

Travel is still going to be a part of our plans…just not sure how large of travel plans we will be making soon. We are now starting to save for a house and pay down old debts, so big travel plans seem to be a thing of the past for now. That being said, we did have a good time in Emerald Isle, NC for our honeymoon, and have plans for a weekend in Atlantic City, and an extended Labor Day weekend in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

As i said before, i want to explore other options on discussion here besides traveling, but im not sure what yet. I got a nice new Nikon, so I would like to explore photography a little more in detail. Hopefully I can start posting to more pictures as I take them (and once I get the camera back from Jessica…;-) ) For now, we’ll see how far I can get on babbling.

Which my babbling has to come to an end, for Jessica has come home from work and now it’s time to hit Boons (Saen) for some awesome Thai cuisine.

Early Travels

For pictures of my early travels, please visit http://alansearlytravels.shutterfly.com/.
Also, for pictures of stuff Jessica and I have done, please visit http://jessicaandalan.shutterfly.com/

March 29 – April 05, 2009?

Went to Virgina Beach again for a few days to see the original road trip locale again. Only spend a few days there, so mainly covered the Norfolk Botanical Gardens again and walked to boardwalk. After a few days there, went to Washington, DC to see Jenny Dean and Ken Kligge again. Ken and I went to see the Native American museum and relaxed at a local pub. Afterwords, I went to See Brian Jackiewietz in Sykesville, MD and chilled at his place during the weekend.

The significance of this road trip would be that it was my last alone…shortly afterward I met Jessica Fisher…my future wife.

Fairhaven, MA 2009

June 22-26, 2009

  • First vacation with Jessica.
  • Sunday – left at 9 am and made it to aunts house by around 2:30 pm. Talked with aunt and relaxed for a little bit. Then went to Uncle Kraig’s house for dinner and watching video of their most recent trip to San Fransico.
  • Monday – slept in and relaxed a little. Started our day between 11:30-12:00 by heading to Provincetown at the end of the cape.
  • Tuesday – Friday – forgot details, but enjoyed time with Jessica’s family and spent some time in Martha’s Vineyard. Also went to BBQ at cousin Ryan’s home.

Sept 05-08, 2009

Spent Labor Day weekend with Jessica’s family in Fairhaven, MA. Went to BBQ at her uncle’s home and relaxed at her aunt’s home.

Pittsburgh 2008

December 26th – December 29th, 2008


Arrived at 2:00 in the afternoon. Putzed around until the 3:00 check-in and waited for Ryan and Jess. We then ran to the Verizon store to returned Jess’ phone and the to Trams for some Vietnamese dinner. Jess wasn’t feeling so good so we went to the drug store and got some medication and went back to the hotel to chill. Went to bed early to get an early start to the next day.

Got up around 8:30 and got ready. The headed downstairs to grab a quick bite to eat. Ryan came down to let me know they were still getting ready and that Jess was still not feeling well. He got some breakfast and brought it up to their room.

After a little wait for everyone to get ready, we then went to south side and walked around a few shops. Then we had lunch at Primanti’s. We then finished walking around south side and then headed to Carnegie Science Center. At the Carnegie Science Center we checked out the different exhibits including the submarine there. We then left the Science center for the incline.

We rode the Duquesne Incline all the way to the top of Mt. Washington took some pictures and caught some nice night views of the city. we then went to Angkor for some Thai dinner. We then headed back to the hotel to recoup a little before heading out for the evening.

We first attempted Mugshot but there was no Karaoke action to be found. So then we hit the Fireside Inn. Plenty of Karaoke there – a lot of country and early 80s songs. We had a few drinks and then headed back to the hotel to recoup for Sunday.

On Sunday we got a late start because Jess was still feeling sluggish.  We went to see her father at his school to look at a few things.  We then had lunch with him at Don Pablo’s.  We then went to see Milo and Me and had wings at the wing place, Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar.

I got up pretty early and made sure everything was packed and ready to go.  I then checked out and headed home.  About two hours in I got a call from Ryan saying that they were leaving.  After hanging out with family when I got home, I  glad fully caught up with some sleep.

Salem, MA 2008 (weekend)

October 17th – October 19th


Attempted to leave early from work.  Ended up leaving around 3:45ish.  Met up with Ryan and Jess at their house and followed them up to Massachusetts to the bed and breakfast.  We got there pretty late – probably around midnight.  We did take a few breaks, including a quick bite to eat at Wendys and Dunkin Doughnuts.

Saturday was the busy day. I got up pretty early – around 8ish.  I ended up putzing around with my ipod touch – we did have free wifi at the b&b.  After a bite to eat and getting ready – we got moving around 11ish.  We explored the sites of downtown Salem.  We toured the House of Seven Gables, ate at In a Pig’s Eye and walked through a few shops.  We also watched a reenactment at the Witches Dungeon and another place.  We walked through some more shops and then grabbed a bite to eat at a Thai restaurant.  Then we walked through a few shops and got ready for the night walk through Spellbound Tours.

The Spellbound Tours walk was interesting and cold.  Did I say cold…that’s an understatement.  Thankfully we got waming accessories before the walk.  Did we see and ghosts?  Nope.  But we did walk past several spots that was suppose to be haunted.  Our guide was kinda creepy…but knowlegable.

On Sunday we grabbed our small brakfast and got ready like the day before.  And again we left a bit late in the morning.  We went down to the wharf and explored the shops there.  Then we went to the restaurant accross the street from In a Pig’s Eye. Had a nice lunch there and then headed back to the b&b.  I bid my farewells and headed home.  I left around 2:30 and made it home put about 9:30-10:00.  Should have taken about 6 hours but got stuck in traffic in a few spots – especially on the Mass Turnpike.